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For Partners/Action Teams

Action Teams collectively identify strategies and actions to work toward UP’s Key Initiatives. Teams welcome members from all sectors of the community and their work evolves in response to the community’s needs.

Join an Action Team

If you or your organization are interested in getting involved with United Palatine Coalition, join an action team! Action Teams are composed of organizations' staff, who generally self-select what issue area they want to work on.

Find out more about the focus areas below & sign up for more information here!

You can also contact the Action Team chairs directly. Find their information here.

About The Teams

Strategic Planning and Communication 

Establishes and leads the organization overarching strategies and communication goals.

Community Engagement 

Organizes and communicates with individuals, families, networks, and organizations to build support for the coalition and empower all families.  


Preparing children and youth physically, mentally and socially for self-reliance


Develops short and long-term plans to ensure consistent and affordable transportation is available for residents.


Develops funding targets and strategies to enable the Coalition to continue its mission and raise funds to support its operations


Captures and shares valuable data between UP’s partners and uses this information to support the Coalition’s and its partners’ strategies.

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