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Our partners determined what focus areas are most crucial to the success of their work and developed action teams of diverse subject matter experts to advance work on those issues together. Below are the coalition's key initiatives and how each Action Team is working towards them.

Strategic Planning and Communication 

Establishes and leads the organization overarching strategies and communication goals.

Community Engagement 

Organizes and communicates with individuals, families, networks, and organizations to build support for the coalition and empower all families.  


Preparing children and youth physically, mentally and socially for self-reliance


Develops short and long-term plans to ensure consistent and affordable transportation is available for residents.


Develops funding targets and strategies to enable the Coalition to continue its mission and raise funds to support its operations


Captures and shares valuable data between UP’s partners and uses this information to support the Coalition’s and its partners’ strategies.

to Families

Establish a Transportation Network




Increased Focus
on Early Literacy






Incorporate/assess the UP Transportation and Harper survey results

Develop a packet with primary physicians and wellness resources

Recruit organizations and assess capabilities to meet community needs

Connect existing transportation and Palatine resources to people in need.

Develop an outreach packet for individual donors

Review data and assess early childhood readiness and early literacy outcomes

Develop a Mental Health Resource Library focused on social/emotional well being

Develop a recommendation on how best to connect neighborhoods with library resources

Connect existing transportation and Palatine resources to people in need.

Investigate additional funding resources that address early literacy.

Pool all existing data and review to recommend pathways to reliance

Create a Behavioral Health Services resource using multiple medical resources.

Identify and share events with partners that focus on our target populations.

Contact public transportation entities and arrange for them to share how best to utilize their services.

United Way Impact Grant Joyce Foundation Grant Journey's Grant

Develop recommendation and  next steps

Educate families on transportation options to physicians that accept multiple payment options

Advocate with big event sponsors for  transportation options to community events and communicate to residents

Develop a recommendation for a comprehensive transportation system servicing areas of need based on survey results

Use survey results to obtain grant for transportation  pilot project Grant request to Walmart/Lyft for vouchers for crisis situations

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