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Learn more about services in Palatine and surrounding communities.

Discover upcoming events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, support groups, professional training, and fundraisers. 

The United Palatine Coalition

Working to build collaboration & connection
     in order to foster a thriving community

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Welcome to the United Palatine Coalition, where we are working to increase communication,        collaboration, and connection between organizations, businesses and residents.

Our Mission is to bring together individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds to                        address our community's challenges. Focusing on unity and inclusivity, we strive to create                          positive change and make a lasting impact.

Join Us in our efforts to build a stronger and more connected Palatine.

One Community

Collaboration towards      a common agenda & shared goals increases awareness of the community's greatest needs

One Voice

A collective voice empowers the community to advocate for change, plan, & build capacity to create pathways for all members.

One Palatine

Working together

increases the efficiency and effectiveness of resources and services.

Our Priorities

 Build awareness of and increase access to community
resources  and services

Increase connection to physical, mental and behavioral health resources

Enhance learning by providing access, adoption, and use of digital technology

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