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Getting Started

Follow these steps to join the network.

Step 1

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Fill out the registration form.

Agencies joining the Community Hub need to complete a registration form which will ask for contact information and a description of the services and resources your organization will be offering to our neighbors. 

Step 2

Setting Up Your Account

Organizations need to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) and a Confidentiality Agreement for any person with access to your agency's account. Once the paperwork is complete, you're ready to begin training. Email the Community Hub administrator at to receive copies of these documents.


Step 3

Learning the Basics

Contact the systems navigator to schedule a learning session. Prior to the session you will asked to watch a demonstration video (approximately 50 minutes). Once you  watch a training video and attend the 45 minute learning session you're ready to sign in to the network.  Email the Community Hub administrator at

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